By: Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

We continue our Via Transformativa theme of “You Crack Me Up!” During this quarter, we’ll be exploring how the Holy “cracks” us open to reveal the true divine, spirit that dwells within each of us. 

This Sunday, April 29, 2018, we used music from Carly Simon to learn how letting go – doing the spiritual practice of subtraction – can crack open our ego and allow us to ascend to our higher, divine self.

From the Jesus Story: John 20:15-18: Do not hold on to me

From the Letters of the Apostle Paul: Colossians 3:2-4,8-11: Set your minds on things from above
From A Course in Miracles, Chapter 28: The cause of pain is separation

Song used in the Sermon: I Haven’t Got Time for the Pain – Carly Simon

Sermon excerpt:

Our Christian scripture reading comes from Colossians, a letter written to the church in Colossae that seeks to bring into focus this idea of a cosmic Christ. The letter is purportedly written by the Apostle Paul, but some scholars argue that the ideas presented about Jesus are not in line with what they consider authentic letters of Paul.

I would agree, since the Jesus we find in this letter is not the traditional Jesus preached by many churches today, but instead is the metaphysical Jesus who shows us how to transcend our ego and enter the cosmic mind of Christ that we all possess. That, of course, has not stopped the traditionalists from trying to interpret today’s passage on their own terms. The author clearly spells out what we need to do to overcome ego and enter our Christ consciousness.

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth, for you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory.”

It’s that “when Christ … is revealed” line that the traditionalists have come to interpret as Jesus’ second coming — y’know, when he comes down from the clouds on his mighty steed to take revenge on all those people who conservative Christians condemn.

This passage is used as part of that apocalyptic vision of Jesus swooping down from the heavens to save the good and punish the evil, to slay the heretics and the unbelievers — and anyone else who isn’t their kind of Christian — and take all the good, right-believing Christians up to their eternal heavenly home.

Which completely misses the entire point of this passage.

What the author is saying is this: Christ is revealed when we overcome ego … when we stop clinging to the things of this earth … the anger, wrath, malice, slander, abusive language and lies. Y’know, everything that makes for a good political race.

This passage is not about Jesus literally coming back to earth, but instead it’s about how Christ is revealed in us when we ground our beliefs in things from “above” and not “below” in the realm of the ego. When we let go of all those dualistic egoic beliefs, what comes back to us is far more powerful — we become our Christ consciousness and Jesus does indeed return to earth, in the shape of us!

When we ascend to our own Christ consciousness, we rise to that exalted state where Jesus was telling Mary he was going. Don’t cling to earthly ideas about God or anything else, because that will keep us from glory — from that place where we can dwell in Christ consciousness right now.

If you can deprive the ego of its power, you will rise just as Jesus did into your full Christ consciousness. This is a place, that author of Colossians says, where there is no duality — no Greek or Jew, no slave or free, no Republican or Democrat, no gay or straight, no ugly or beautiful, no good or evil.

As Wayne Dyer has said, this is the place where we’re able to simply see everyone and everything around us as Holy light and we begin to treat them as such. This is how we tell the universe, we don’t have anymore time for the pain the ego seeks to keep inflicting upon us.

Breathe deeply.

Listen to the full sermon.

Listen to the full celebration.

Here’s your assignment this week: I invite you this week, Jubilants, to aspire to be superheroes. Let go of anything, any one, any belief that is no longer serving you. Let it ascend to God. Because if you do, what you let go of will return to you transformed and it will turn you into God’s superhero here on earth — able to leap over crippling emotions, faster than a speeding bad day — more powerful than any negative force in this universe. Because when you let it go, God will empower you to do more than you ever thought possible to bring love, peace and mercy into this world. I invite you this week, walk in compassion, talk in love, and do acts of mercy because if you do, you’ll leave yourself and the world saying:  “Oh, Yeah!”

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